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Version 0.83 (current) SHA1
ISO Image: download f3f1023b669984fd3d8e20734e797937d4011a89
USB Image: download b96d3eb9cfb6d00a5ca38c407405fef6a2cdaf85
Floppy Disk Image: download c1b142e9a96874a7be90b7ca84514a907f470a35
Source Code: download 6438baec79a1de160baf7a9589e7e308a6d1cd0f
Version 0.82 SHA1
ISO Image: download e5d3737d49234a01eb2a3f836281528608d48cf8
USB Image: download b808111ccf8cefb501bcfe30fb065e5d7eb3f3e5
Floppy Disk Image: download e7306a9e10abd0079e365266c99b2bb0b55abbe6
Source Code: download 581cba3e0dcc6783d35554b6de4845275c0b86c2
Version 0.81 SHA1
ISO Image: download c163ec2656d4bac13086effd6393bdbd44691ec6
USB Image: download 5dc480686ca1b05379d1f2edec7f748f1dce23a1
Floppy Disk Image: download 80b6c93035a8803a27c7f1180a01b8096f0c8bc6
Source Code: download 13dde482bec97644af4c33aecc720c0a2ee8c3d5
Version 0.8 MD5
ISO Image: download cca9fa33cbd4979cc108535e55f5378e
USB Image: download d1038299817a50da2e8ebebf13163cfa
Floppy Disk Image: download 6a4bdcf4a2524e1b65b252b20a2eb2a0
Source Code: download 34c19e01bc45b55233e391a7d630f1ee
Version 0.77 MD5
ISO Image: download 208e44f5ac59e764409c8763103cde44
USB Image: download 2723b6fd6a2277313052422d11db1378
Floppy Disk Image: download 744f7fd7deb8497f9292c8bad30da090
Source Code: download e4132bbb893e88df4ebe2027f439f6e7
Version 0.76 MD5
ISO Image: download a0acd108fd5d2e93ec84cf517a14bc9b
USB Image: download 077b423900fe33a3746a8401be02fb35
Floppy Disk Image: download 8b53652881f66c0efc7fa58bb813eb64
Source Code: download 70fa292ec9b798a74fad66ec16cacd71
Version 0.75 MD5
ISO Image: download 7c1a1593064d9ca9c1aa7114a20f367a
USB Image: download 05fb1478aca1359d4e2b8619eedb6195
Floppy Disk Image: download 0ca292ab32407c34daa3b1d2892b1b16
Source Code: download d0758b6be049453e0f9af9344deaa979
Version 0.74 MD5
ISO Image: download 220f3c81f20512dcec715e83e13a8523
USB Image: download 8d779ec793a56793c8e204be12109bc2
Floppy Disk Image: download 765ead3af411b8460b67ebd091c68b64
Source Code: download fc343f725205eada1cee04f02d66356d

Version 0.73 MD5
ISO Image: download 4e2f8e24e028e4e8e68df17d0010aada
USB Image: download 199e615c4c9275773279bfa1da722e1d
Floppy Disk Image: download 3143f9b42c8ef5317481ac3a8a8f5941
Source Code: download 7c4e9b941b51048f06a835637fea2140

Version 0.72 MD5
ISO Image: download 796ff6e2cdbf1d3b24a22b30aaeb2526
USB Image: download 027262b8026bc6fea2b5d80fd7ede667
Floppy Disk Image: download 88312b5e6f80e08ec6aeaf61c2bce12e
Source Code: download e8affb098126834fb6d3b9edc861c64b

Version 0.71 MD5
ISO Image: download 14280ac21c2f00b59331b6bb8c7813ec
USB Image: download 683ded6b8878a1d5a308af8a41e45030
Floppy Disk Image: download d01097573fe15e92c676b1ce07a49c7b
Source Code: download 320a0ec80bb39c13b67b4d048a481371

Version 0.7 MD5
ISO Image: download 431ac2ce0190190778076489bc2f0f27
Floppy Disk Image: download 21b9c1fb1bc14165b59bdd1c17b4135a
Source Code: download 7a8e028a810ac0951896f6075c5b331e

Version 0.69 MD5
ISO Image: download d106923dfc14f4538856c670b02b49e9
Floppy Disk Image: download 86474225979db141668c43cfdb9a8730
Source Code: download 63e329b23aa5bc6323442b27811dcba0

Version 0.68 MD5
ISO Image: download e94f88cc5cea7d747c48569a39379437
Floppy Disk Image: download a9260db40ef5fb324764d0818b6408c8
Source Code: download 5fc1fafad20082a26e9e4076b22dbb66

Version 0.67 MD5
ISO Image: download a6ac7dc6515e3aeca8b00b7db9324619
Floppy Disk Image: download 1aca7c3c90f2fbb89c298193353c7b97
Source Code: download 738d84ae3c1c6bb3f2528268f380508d

Version 0.66 MD5
ISO Image: download 9651015556673a5b4176333951894d32
Floppy Disk Image: download 0473355d986ecf24c8f6ccefe1c7184a
Source Code: download 2941bd86a99e72f0f40082dbce18554e

Version 0.65 MD5
ISO Image: download 9c7a955e2293db923fb951910a3a1ab3
Floppy Disk Image: download 811e57a4468ec90d4fb34c3ac6eacc45
Source Code: download 6d7a30bbf020d508d2c6d68d72d91aca

Version 0.64 MD5
ISO Image: download f0096ebe3338fa4d87feaf1aed94ad0d
Floppy Disk Image: download 21f54c4b1503732d9a2096574d14943d
Source Code: download 50ff0664d85fd4b0f7ecd71f3895475c

Version 0.63 MD5
ISO Image: download d1cd66cdf3aa3a10a5c15823e086dacf
Floppy Disk Image: download 079b31b3cc69d110ae1ff7ef400011ae
Source Code: download 52d06a59be53ef6887b24a3f207af8a8

Version 0.62 MD5
ISO Image: download 25250b6bfbec61510102d8d41468b842
Floppy Disk Image: download a813462adcb6b9e2f4d31c40742ef95d
Source Code: download 35ff198c7b7630e69f77cbb3e6326ab9

Version 0.61 MD5
ISO Image: download 9ebc2d8ef35eda4cc45aab634ea8cc7e
Floppy Disk Image: download bf94e81c6e7dca53b4e6048839da5e27
Source Code: download 59410f063244daffa10d593c7dd7d892

Version 0.6 MD5
ISO Image: download 238846ef8395ca4e64bfad145535f27b
Floppy Disk Image: download 76b4cb575c721fdde6410d904f21ec97
Source Code: download fe257dc1810abc49ff462e8e420a1b84

Version 0.58 MD5
ISO Image: download bf1a50d0ec35539cd2beb3c1e2950d84
Floppy Disk Image: download 52fe81ec4edaa058b5044c0bcb83635b
Source Code: download 492440df0cf37d49f187152bdc9d31a5

Version 0.57 MD5
ISO Image: download fe27a9e5286576bc24026bd1d09fc31e
Floppy Disk Image: download e4dbc4c37cb34ed3b92c2c1584a178ce
Source Code: download 93475d6d30b143198ec3604a2f4e8dc5

Version 0.56 MD5
ISO Image: download ee5f25290d3f7d0521aaa65ac6d855b7
Floppy Disk Image: download 762af4d217db59e45c5c01996c1de713
Source Code: download 02a1ab3e2a0723064bb7f321722ec5f0

Version 0.55 MD5
ISO Image: download db8fb5cc02fcaa4e5ed805d37ebe7438
Floppy Disk Image: download 6797ad9966318a778edfda481d79e438
Source Code: download 90272271833fb6758e06e4b540429a7a

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