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I desperately want to compile 0.72

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:01 am
by osmiumusa
Hi Andy!

I am so so happy you got your forum fixed. I love developing Visopsys because it's not too complicated for an operating system novice like myself but it can be expanded easily. Basically it's no MikeOS.

I've talked to you before via email about issues building and running 0.71 on my x64 bit Ubuntu system, you sent me the 0.72 source, and I still couldn't build and run (although I got farther than before.)

The problem happens during kernel init. It gets through most of it but then it panics.

Code: Select all

Detecting hardware: PS/2 mouse Error::kernelPs2MouseDriver.c:waitForInterrupt(185):
No interrupt -- timeout
Error:kernel process:kernelDisk.c:identifyBootCd(1868):
The boot CD could not be identified
Disk functions initialization failed reboot.
I'm trying this in qemu. When try your ISO, it works, so it's not the emulator. I edited all of the make files to compile, link, and assemble using 32 bits. The compilation runs without error and the ISO creates correctly. I feel like one of the problems may be how the ISO is being created. I'm running Ubuntu 13.04... about to run 13.10!

I'd really appreciate the help. I want to work on some gui styling and try to spice up the multitasker (long shot, I know. That's why I'm starting with the gui ;) ).

Thank you so much!

~osmiumusa :mrgreen:

Re: I desperately want to compile 0.72

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:24 pm
by andymc
Hi mate, welcome back! And thanks for the kind words.

First of all, I suspect that the PS2 mouse driver may in fact be causing your boot failure, as suggested by the first error message.

I can reproduce this failure in VMware by wiggling the mouse during detection (it's a known issue, in other words).

Missing that mouse interrupt means that the disk interrupt doesn't get handled, so the boot fails.

Perhaps first try putting a return(0) at the beginning of the detection function in the PS2 mouse driver, and see if the boot seems to succeed after that. If so, then I can make solving the issue a higher priority. The PS2 mouse driver has always been a bit troublesome.