A Somewhat faster ISO building utility

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A Somewhat faster ISO building utility

Post by ap0r »

I used to find it annoying that the script "image-cd.sh" created a zip file. I could see of course why it was useful if you wanted it ready for upload to the website, but for local testing purposes, having to extract a zip every time i did changes to my code was making me lose time. So i made a variation of the "image-cd.sh" script, named "makeiso.sh" wich produces an ISO instead of a zip file.

To use it, compile visopsys normally, and when you get to the part where you would do

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sudo ./image-cd.sh

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sudo ./makeiso.sh
It will place a Visopsys iso in the place where normally you would have a Visopsys zip file, and it takes the -r parameter if you like using that.

I did not include the source code because the script is plain-text and can be viewed/modified with any text editor.
To install this time-saver, just extract the attached file to your /utils dir
I've used this script and I'm pretty sure that it doesn't divide by zero or destroys the universe, but If you find any bugs just let me know and I'll try to fix them
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Re: A Somewhat faster ISO building utility

Post by fosforito »

Yes, it's very annoying to always unzip and rename the iso file to test it in VirtualBox, etc. I already modified the image-cd.sh file before but now I reinstalled my OS and don't have anymore the modified file, so I'll use your utility.
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