OHCI - anyone got it?

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OHCI - anyone got it?

Post by andymc » Mon Nov 10, 2014 1:18 am

I was thinking I was nearly finished for a while, with USB; I added XHCI (USB 3) support in the latest release, and all that was left on my to-do list was a few little tweaks.

I had never added OHCI (USB 1) controller support, because they weren't so common before, and seemed like they were recently becoming as rare as hens' teeth. What few USB 1 controllers I was still encountering were all UHCI.

But, at work, we've been seeing some new systems come in, with 5-7 AMD controllers in them - XHCI, EHCI, and OHCI all together. On those machines, you need to have OHCI support to enable low/full-speed devices, like mice, keyboards, and even touchscreens. At least on certain external ports.

So I've been doing my homework, and I think I'm going to add this support. But I'd like to have it tested on a few different systems, when it's ready. VirtualBox has an implementation, and I've got an older workstation with OHCI, and I can get access to these AMD chipsets at work.

Does anyone else have them in their systems?


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Re: OHCI - anyone got it?

Post by doga-1494 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 6:25 pm

unfortunately, i don't have an old device which supports ohci

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