Difference between Floppy and CD versions?

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Difference between Floppy and CD versions?

Post by oldfloppy12 » Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:51 pm

Good day! Download page tells: "a bootable floppy disk image file includes a minimal distribution".
The question is, how minimal is it?
What tools, available at CD version, have been excluded from Floppy version?
Is there any comparison table between these versions?

I am highly interested in Floppy version of visopsys, because there are only a few modern OS (like Kolibri)
which could fit on a floppy disk. If visopsys's floppy version supports creating and storing files on temporary RAM disks,
and also contains a simple text editor and some other helpful tools - that is already enough for me,
but I would like to know more...

P.S. also please answer the same question, but - about Partition Logic's floppy version vs its' CD version

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Re: Difference between Floppy and CD versions?

Post by andymc » Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:37 am

Hi oldfloppy12,

It's fair to say that the floppy version is quite basic, and a lot of the 'frills' are missing, and it's visually more primitive. In some sense, I only make this version to prove the point that it can be done!

The basic version does include the GUI and the text editor (which is itself pretty limited at the best of times) but it doesn't include the 'ramdisk' program that one would normally use to create a ramdisk on the command line. The functionality is still there in the kernel, but the ramdisk program lets you access it. It would be a small modification to include it.

Same answer for Partition Logic. The two products are very similar really - mostly just different configuration files to alter the default behaviour and appearance.

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