Visopsys could be a part of BIOS image! :)

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Visopsys could be a part of BIOS image! :)

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andymc wrote:
dear @andymc , Thank you very much for Visopsys !
I tested your OS inside the Virtual Box --- Visopsys is amazing. And, most importantly, it has a live floppy! :D
Even today the floppies are still being used, for example - as virtual floppies inside the coreboot open source BIOS.
Just imagine: your wonderful OS could be a part of someone's BIOS build!
(for coreboot supported motherboard, maybe you have or could get one - see )

If you already have a coreboot-supported hardware or a real chance to get one
(e.g. have seen used Lenovo G505S laptop with quad core AMD A10-5750M at eBay for just $100)
- wouldn't it be cool to be able to launch your own OS straight from the BIOS chip? ;)

With one simple command its possible to add any bootable floppy to coreboot BIOS build
and then you see it as a boot entry. Multiple floppies could be added this way
(as long as you have enough space left inside the BIOS flash chip,
luckily LZMA compression could be used for the stored floppies to reduce their occupied size)

I wish you good luck in your project, Andy. Visopsys is awesome
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Re: Visopsys could be a part of BIOS image! :)

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Give a look on It is forum of tiny KolibriOS (successor of MenuetOS) wroten on assembler. One guy has get flash it into BIOS chip with coreboot firmware. This thread in russian, use the Google translate, Luke :D
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