No hard disks registered

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No hard disks registered

Post by ashkotin » Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:31 pm

I have got this modal window on my PC screen after booting from CD and some activity on the left upper corner of the monitor.
PC has one disk with 2 partitions.

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Re: No hard disks registered

Post by andymc » Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:41 pm

Hello ashkotin, sorry you're having trouble with it.

If you go into your BIOS setup, is there a way to choose between SATA/AHCI mode and IDE/PATA mode for your disk controller? The current version of Partition Logic can't handle SATA/AHCI just yet.

If you can toggle it temporarily, whilst using PL, and then change it back before booting your normal operating system, that should work.


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