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Partition Logic 0.9 Released

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 12:51 am
by andymc
It hasn't been so long this time, but nonetheless it's time for another major update!

Version 0.9 is now available from the download page:
Overview: This major release offers substantial upgrade of the underlying Visopsys operating system, a subtly updated look, Unicode support, and VMware mouse integration.
  • All of the background wallpaper images are new, the colours have changed slightly, and a number of the GUI components have had their appearances updated.
  • Menus have been updated for the German, Spanish, Russian and Turkish languages.
  • Added wide-character and multibyte character (UTF-8) support throughout the operating system – to the fonts and charsets, the GUI, the C library, etc. It has replaced the ISO-based internationalization schemes. Although some knowledge of ISO codepages was kept, things have been more-or-less entirely switched over to Unicode.
  • Added VMware mouse integration, so that a Partition Logic guest coordinates with the host to automatically grab or ungrab the mouse cursor as it enters or leaves the window. Requires the option to be enabled in VMware.
  • Added a computer chip icon, ‘chip.ico’. To start with, the Computer Browser will use it for RAM disks.
  • Did some tidy-up of the translated .po files – mostly updating c-format strings’ parameters, punctuation, and newlines.
  • Fixed: The Computer Browser program could show mismatches between disks and icons, if it didn’t have an icon for a particular hardware type (specifically, RAM disks). Made it more robust, with a default icon.
  • Fixed: The Disk Manager’s creation and resize dialogs were full-screen, and looked all messed up.
  • Fixed: Several of the programs didn’t have .pot translation files.
  • … Plus dozens of other improvements to the Visopsys operating system (see