Visopsys 0.75 Released

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Visopsys 0.75 Released

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Hi all,

I've released version 0.75

It is mainly a hardware-focused release, with a lot of the improvements related to USB. A USB 3.0 (XHCI) driver has been added, and the USB 2.0 (EHCI) driver has been really improved. In addition, the USB hub driver code has been updated, and I've added a driver for APIC interrupt controllers.

Overview: This hardware-focused maintenance release adds USB 3.0 support, improved USB 2.0 and USB hub support, an APIC interrupt controller driver, plus several bug fixes and general quality improvements.

Added USB3 (XHCI) support.
Greatly improved USB2 (EHCI) and hub support.
Added APIC interrupt controller support.
Added support for detecting and parsing the Intel multiprocessor table.
The USB layer code no longer sets device configurations by default. It is now left up to the individual device drivers, when they determine that a given device is supported. Configuring some unknown, built-in, proprietary devices can cause other devices to stop responding.
USB hub removal now triggers a recursive device removal for all downstream things connected via the hub.
If a mounted removable disk (such as a USB stick) is removed from the system, a call to kernelFilesystemRemoved() will now act like a forced umount - unbuffering files and removing the filesystem - without attempting further accesses to the physical disk.
Added new functionality to count interrupt hooks, and updated some definitions and things in the PCI driver.
Physical memory addresses are now treated as unsigned integer values instead of void pointers.
Added kernelMemoryGetIo() and kernelMemoryReleaseIo() functions for automating the process of allocating/releasing aligned physical memory, mapping it, and marking it un-cacheable.
Added a kernelDebugStop() function to output a message and halt execution when errors are encountered in debug mode.
Added a kernelDebugRemoveFile() function as a companion to kernelDebugAddFile()
Fixed: In the computer browser, when clicking to mount a CD-ROM for the first time, from a cold boot, the file browser that was launched sometimes wouldn't start in the CD-ROM's mount directory.
Fixed: In the file browser and the file dialog, the current directory field started off disabled (greyed-out), but changing the directory caused it to be redrawn as enabled (not greyed out). Components weren't being re-rendered when their setData() functions were called.
Fixed: A bug in the USB driver subsystem, in which a device disconnection could cause the USB thread to go into an infinite loop.
Fixed: Increased timeout values for SCSI 'start unit' commands, to support various USB-attached disks (hard disks and CD/DVD drives that need time to spin up).
Fixed: An IDE disk controller driver bug where an unhandled interrupt could result from selecting a nonexistent slave drive on certain controllers. Also eliminated some redundant status polling.
Fixed: Timing issues in the AHCI SATA driver related to CD/DVD drives.
Fixed: Removed kernelMalloc() usage in kernelDebug.c which could cause debugging output not to be displayed in an interrupt context.
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