Job opening (London UK) real mode, USB, assembler + C

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Job opening (London UK) real mode, USB, assembler + C

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Hi all,

We need someone with good skills in 16-bit Intel assembly, familiarity with BIOS interrupt services, and some experience in interfacing directly with hardware. Ideally, someone familiar with programming USB controllers, and available to start working immediately.

The product is a pre-boot authentication system for a whole-disk encryption product that's already out in the market, used by government agencies and whatnot.

Frankly, the USB code is a bit of a mess, and we need someone to help us fix it. I'd do the work myself, but I'm quite busy with other projects :-). The first task will be to correct the EHCI controller code.

You'd have to be able to work here at the office in central London, at least initially, and you'd be working closely with me.

It would probably be on a temporary/contract basis for a few (3?) months to start with, but if you're good at this work, it seems likely that the company would want to hire you as a permanent employee.

If anyone thinks they'd be a good fit, I'll bug the big boss for details about salary, etc.

Please pass this on, if you think you might know somebody suitable.
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