Can't perform Disk copy (Unique situation)

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Can't perform Disk copy (Unique situation)

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As stated in the title, this is a unique situation. First, disks involved...

C: 80GB device with 1 NTFS partition taking up 100% of the space (listed as hd1)
D: 160GB device with no partition of any kind (listed as hd0)

hd1 is a disk who's power system is failing and I'm trying to copy all of it's information to hd0 so that I don't have to reinstall widnows on hd0 then reinstall all my programs.

When I initially installed windows XP pro on hd1, i removed any previous partitions that were there before and created a brand new one, taking up 100% of the device space, then did a full format of the file system. Since it's creation, this partition has not been resized, moved, or otherwise modified other than normal disk operations within windows.

Today, i used the Partition Logic CD to try to copy hd1 to hd0 and received an error saying it was unable to copy sectors and terminated the operation. It was then that I noticed that the listed partition/volume size is greater than the actual device size. (Listed as 160GB instead of 80GB)

I'm computer savvy, but this is something I've never encountered before, and I've no idea how to fix it.
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